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There are a vast number of online poker sites that welcome Australians, yet not every site is trustworthy or reputable. Because of this card games’ immense popularity the demand for online entertainment is enormous and some sites that are less than safe have jumped on the bandwagon in an attempt to cash in on those who are none the wiser’ good will. In an effort to promote the best poker sites for Australians and to prevent players from selecting a gaming destination that may result in an unsatisfactory experience we’ve created every Australians one stop online informational resource.

Reviews, site ratings, game, banking and mobile related articles, bonus information and much, much more is available on our site. We invite new and experienced players to browse through what’s on offer and to learn more about the game, the top rated sites and what they have to offer. We’re here to assist every Australian in finding the perfect online poker site that will suit them and offer safe, secure and rewarding play with every hand.

A Site for Poker Fanatics is created by Australians, for Australians and prides itself in ensuring fellow poker fans never make the mistake of choosing a dodgy site. The extensive, in-depth and unbiased reviews that we provide explain all the pros of playing at a particular site and offer an excellent overview of the standard of entertainment, service and gaming on offer. By gleaning a good idea of what every site has to offer before they sign up, players can choose an option that best suits their needs and play their favourite games with a reputable establishment without wasting any time.

We make extensive use of our team of experts experience in the industry and we live, breath, eat and sleep poker as its one of our driving passions. You can trust us with our recommendations as the sites we suggest are the ones we play at ourselves and have stood the test of time in a hugely competitive industry. Our teams all have their own areas of expertise and when combined are a force to be reckoned with. They can spot a great site  a mile off and  instantly recognise one that’s trying to take advantage of its players. We want to provide you with the best possible poker experience and have done all the dirty work just so that you don’t have to.

Hand-Picked Poker Sites puts every site to the test and rigorously checks out every facet and every feature on offer. Software, game selection, bonuses, banking options, support and cash out time are all part of our testing phase and the sites that perform at their optimum are then compared to other offerings of the same calibre. You’ll find that we recommend some of the biggest international poker brands in the world, simply because when it comes to online poker, there is no better place to play. These big brands are the ones that have turned online poker into something really special and the fact that they welcome Australians adds to their appeal. Every poker site that we suggest offers something really special and has been handpicked by our team for very good reason. We suggest that if you want to try your hand at poker, you stick with us and choose a site that has earned itself the seal of approval.

We are here to lend a helping hand so if you have any questions please contact us!